The growers who produce our special Deep Purple® are Ammerlaan-Sosef from Honselersdijk, and WPK, who has greenhouses in the Dutch province of North Brabant and in the Westland region. Both companies have modern equipment and facilities, all of the required certificates, and meet current environmental standards.

The Ammerlaan-Sosef company is on 3.5 hectares of property, and is located close to the FloraHolland facility in Naaldwijk.

Gertjan Sosef: ‘We really love working with the Deep Purple®. It is a strong, decorative and grateful plant. The large deep-purple flowers and the pretty leaves are such a beautiful combination. The leaf colouring is marbled green. The Deep Purple® keeps its colours for a long time, and is done justice both indoors and outdoors. We take good care of them during the entire cultivation period, and check them on a regular basis. After all, our goal is to ensure that you enjoy your Deep Purples® as long as possible!’

WPK, or the Westlandse Plantenkwekerij, has three facilities with a total area of 16 hectares. Eviek van der Arend: ‘People appreciate our Deep Purple® because it’s stronger, has an unusually robust foliage quality, and has a long flowering period. This is the result of the specialisation and dedication of our staff and the stringent selection criteria that we apply. This is the only way that you can grow and deliver the very best. We realise that you want the best quality, and make sure that this is what you get, as long as the label reads “Deep Purple® from Royal Van Zanten” that is!

If the Deep Purple® passes all of the quality control inspections successfully, it will be able to carry the Deep Purple® label and protective sleeve. They’re packed four to a handy gift box, making it easy to carry them straight from the garden centre to the party or wherever you will be giving them as a gift.